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As your Robotic Process Automation (RPA) advisor, we are able to identify the right business processes and operational areas to optimise ROI. We can enable the adoption of RPA features to focus on specific business outcomes to benefit your business.

Perhaps in recent months you have been discussing Robotic Process Automation, but were unsure how it could be used to your advantage in the context of your business’s operations.

Holley Holland have been working on this challenge and can provide insight as to its potential, developing approaches and RPA strategies and, by working with RPA vendors, optimise an automation solution, focusing on specific business outcomes.

We have a partnership with BluePrism, who develop Robotic Process Automation software to provide organisations with a more agile virtual workforce.


The world of Robotic Process Automation 

RPA involves using software robots to undertake operational tasks. From its early incarnations in primitive screen-scraping, RPA has evolved dramatically to become an enterprise-grade technology that can eliminate clerical roles and processes.

Operational processes change regularly, usually with short lead times, and this level of volatility has historically limited the opportunity for automation via IT systems integration.

RPA differs from traditional automation in that the software robots typically ‘use’ the user interface of existing platforms, as opposed to automating processes within the software code and database layers of the applications themselves. The software robots can often be programmed or trained by business users who have the deep process knowledge.

The art of the possible

To enable the full potential to be understood and captured we offer the following services:

  • Suitability assessment of RPA relative to existing processes and determining the optimal ROI
  • Definition of the infrastructure requirements in collaboration with IT
  • Design of the governance structures with respect to security and compliance
  • Provision of software robots trained by business users
  • Facilitation of RPA skills and capabilities acquisition by establishing RPA Centre of Excellence
  • Delivery of the necessary change management including effective stakeholder engagement and communication

How we work

We have significant understanding of the business and operational processes, gained from years of experience in the industry. We recognise where RPA can be applied and have arranged partnerships with some of the top RPA vendors.


Contact one of our senior consultants today to find out more. We will carry out a suitability analysis, explain the functions and processes suitable for RPA, the potential benefits with a focus on ROI and the approach required to implement the changes.

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