• Practitioner-oriented approach

    Leveraging FinTech, RegTech and InsurTech products and platform experience

  • Industry thought leadership

    Well known in the industry, our people have published, presented and won awards.

  • Strong domain knowledge

    Backed by broad enterprise awareness

  • Partner ecosystem

    Working arrangements with DORA, DAD  and E-Synergy

Making IT relevant

We understand the challenges that today’s businesses face.

Disruptive technologies, time-to-market, ever demanding business needs, budget constraints, legacy systems and the complexity involved in complying with new regulations are all daily issues.

There is no shortcut to overcoming these challenges. Reinventing the IT function of a global enterprise may require far-reaching changes. Talent acquisition and retention, a revised delivery approach, new infrastructure and partnerships with vendors can all take several years to complete.

Renew and new

Businesses and consumers don’t have time to wait.

We meet rising expectations through a dual approach of renew and new – transforming existing systems across the IT stack and implementing new ways of delivering IT.

This involves looking at working practices, tools, techniques and infrastructure to yield higher effectiveness and a better experience. At the same time we create completely new systems to deliver results, utilising a ‘start-up mind-set’.

Benefits focused

Highly experienced in outcome-focused transformation.

Our approach is focused on benefits, critical KPIs and value streams. We strongly believe in early and frequent business involvement on this journey, to ensure transformation projects complete on-time and on-budget.

Effectiveness and cost-efficiency are our drivers.

Agile partners

A trusted partner for your transformation journey.

We are a small, agile group of highly experienced industry practitioners who are enterprise-aware. We have no vested interest in creating large delivery teams; our skill comes from creating strong, tight-knit teams, with the dedication and know-how to get the job done.

Working with you, to achieve the results you need.

Three in one box technique

Our three-in-one-box approach – utilising Domain Expertise, Agile Optimisation & DevOps Practitioners – helps guide and influence teams on the ground, creating internal champions, so your business become self-sufficient.

We help the business leadership embrace the lean way of working by developing an operating model that promotes different multi-speed life-cycles, which synergise with your context.

Context matters

We have a proven approach to helping understand your context.

We illustrate the art of the possible, highlight challenges and identify priority target areas. We typically use IT performance benchmarking techniques with DORA, economic dimensions of software development and system thinking.

These help us understand the purpose of the ‘system’, its mechanisms, what is inside and outside the system, its internal structures and interdependencies, its behaviours, and, of course, the overall system context.

How we can help you

IT transformation consulting

Key value proposition

  • Provide the CIO with the big picture of potential transformation
  • Business alignment and strategic engagement
  • Subject matter and intellectual alignment with other transformation initiatives
  • Target operating model and its variations specific to value streams


  • Optimal ROI from transformation
  • Focused investment in targeted areas – ability to pivot
  • Reach transformation goals faster

DevOps architecture and championing

Key value proposition

  • DevOps architecture blueprinting, addressing people, process & tooling dimensions
  • Tools evaluation and selection
  • DevOps maturity assessments
  • Creation of internal champions – demonstrate engineering practices and coach teams
  • Team composition patterns
  • Governance – indicators and metrics


  • Goal-oriented DevOps implementation roadmap
  • Improved time-to-market and better production stability

Enterprise agile consulting

Key value proposition

  • Enterprise IT team modelling
  • Agile portfolio design
  • Strategic and tactical scaling strategies
  • Value stream analysis
  • Enterprise agile strategy – people, process and tools
  • Business architecture alignment


  • Eliminate waste and improve cycle time
  • Reduce cost of delay
  • ‘Being agile’ rather than ‘Doing agile’

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