How our stressrep™ service works

As part of a managed service, we provide all the functionality required to improve the quality and accuracy of stress test reports and ensure those reports are submitted in a compliant, cost-effective and streamlined manner.

The development of stressrep™

Regulatory requirements imposed by the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB), Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) for the delivery of stress test results continue to evolve and increase. As a consequence, so does the burden on banks as they strive to remain compliant. Banks are challenged with:

  • Collecting, validating, stress testing and reporting data – a complex function, which must be regularly repeated
  • Increasing the efficiency and decreasing the cost of the end-to-end reporting cycle
  • Improving the quality of their underlying data and the supporting evidence that they must provide
  • Strengthening the control environment of their reporting cycle

Our solution – stressrep™. A dynamic and efficient CCAR / DFAST reporting engine, designed to take the stress out of stress testing.

Complete submission solution

Banks require a single solution to manage their growing regulatory reporting requirements.

stressrep™ covers the FR Y-14A, FR Y-14Q, FR Y-14M, Schedule G, and also the OCC DFAST and BPC submissions.

Additionally, we will soon be able to link stressrep™ to banks’ completed FR Y-9C reports for reconciliation, to further strengthen the accuracy of submissions. The journey does not stop there – we are continuously looking to add further regulatory reports to our tool.

stressrep™ can also link directly to banks’ source systems using APIs to pull data directly into the tool. This streamlines the reporting process and removes the need for intermediary systems or manual data manipulation – reducing data errors and inaccuracies in reporting.

stressrep™ functionality

stressrep™ is continually expanding, but its current functionality includes:

  • Real-time validation and edit rules for fast and accurate data
  • Version control and full audit trail to improve activity traceability
  • Interface with banks’ environments and source systems
  • Retrieval of historic information
  • Trend and variance analysis capabilities
  • Ability to generate XML files for onwards submission to the relevant regulator(s), with ability to extract the output into multiple formats – allowing the data to be used for strategic purposes

As part of our managed service, we also analyse the latest relevant regulators’ instructions and encode them into stressrep™ to further ease the pressure on banks’ resources.

stressrep™ - technical specifications:

Workstation client PC:

Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows
8.1: 32- or 64-bit
Microsoft .NET 4.5 Framework
2GHz processor
20GB hard drive

For more information, please contact Steven Whaley, Head of Financial / Regulatory Technology and Digital Solutions: