Insurance industry challenges

Insurers, brokers and other insurance retailers face an increasingly unsustainable set of challenges:

  • A lack of focus on technology and digital channels
  • Business models orientated around product silos

Resulting in:

  • Impaired customer risk management and therefore uninformed premium pricing
  • No ‘single view’ of each customer, with little opportunity to consolidate policy admin functions
  • Low policy count (average – 1.1 policies) with limited cross and up-sell capability
  • Poor retention rates from lack of customer loyalty (average 16 months)
  • High customer acquisition costs, especially from aggregators
  • Poor customer experience, in part due to lack of self service options
  • Low intelligent marketing capability due to lack of consolidated customer view

A unique solution

HUGHUB is a white labelled digital insurance platform that transforms the way consumers buy and manage all of their insurance products. All insurance products in one place, online.

Multiple benefits

Insurance retailers using the HUGHUB system benefit from more sales, lower costs, improved profit and happier customers.

HUGHUB drives real brand differentiation, improves customer life-time value, deepens customer engagement and increases NPS.

The platform reduces business costs, lowers customer acquisition costs and improves carrier profitability. It also provides better customer insight, allowing for more insightful and rewarding marketing and a better customer experience.

HUGHUB gives customers a digital journey like no other, serving them the way they deserve. Encouraging loyalty and unlocking the real value of every customer.

Implementing the system

HUGHUB is able to present general insurance, life and health and commercial products in one easy to use online platform.

It can deployed to any retailer of insurance, broker, direct insurer, affinity market or other retailer.

The digital platform is a presentation layer which sits above the traditional back office policy administration system, creating a new, fully branded digital experience.

HUGHUB addresses the industry wide issues. View our short video below or contact us to find out more.