Changing to succeed

Business transformation is about changing ways of working. This includes the roles people perform, how the business is organised and how technology is used.

Transformation is a logical sequence of events. Typically, once the need for change is identified, organisations go through several stages:

  • Consensus that change is needed
  • Agreement on the objectives
  • Understanding of the starting point and current issues
  • Creation of a future vision
  • Development of a roadmap
  • Identification of key sponsor and stakeholders
  • Budgeting and financial ROI
  • Establishment of management governance
  • Execution

Tackling today’s issues

Strategic improvements

  • Future tax and finance functionality
  • Operational redesign – Investment operations
  • Driving revenue through new products
  • Post M&A simplification
  • Alignment of strategy and cost
  • Issue resolution and risk mitigation



Regulatory Experience & Focus

  • MifID II
  • Solvency II
  • Stress testing
  • Recovery and resolution / Ring-fencing
  • FRTB
  • Market data usage

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